Diet Soda Linked to Preterm Birth


Soda has long been something people try to avoid when they are trying to lose weight. It was created in response to the idea that regular soda causes obesity and other health related issues. However, when diet soda was created, a whole wealth of problems came along with it.

One issue that we are now learning is that diet soda is actually linked to causing preterm birth, when it is consumed by women who are pregnant. The reason it is so dangerous is because of the artificial sweetener that is used in place of the sugar and other sweeteners that are commonly found in soda.

The Dangers of Aspartame

Aspartame, the artificial sweetener used in most diet sodas, is bad for a number of reasons. For example, consuming great amounts of aspartame can increase your chances of developing cancer or other serious health conditions.

Those who already have conditions related to their liver may have even more issues involved when they consume a great amount of aspartame. In the end, they could develop brain damage or other issues when they follow this type of diet.

Studies are still out on the true effect of aspartame on the body. At current time, this is something that is generally considered safe to consume. However, it is also a processed food, so it is something that we should attempt to avoid whenever possible.


Diet Soda and Pregnancy

While diet soda could be considered safe to consume in moderation while you are not pregnant, it is definitely something you should avoid when you are preparing to welcome a child into your home. Quite a bit of research has been conducted regarding diet soda and it has been determined that there is a link between preterm birth and drinking excessive amounts of diet soda.

Preterm birth is something that is fairly dangerous for a baby. Since the baby continues to develop in the final weeks of a pregnancy, a preterm birth could mean that everything is not fully developed when the baby is born. This could mean that your baby needs additional medical attention after it is born in order to help it be ready for the environment it is a part of.

For best results, pregnant women are suggested to stay away from diet soda, and other items that contain artificial sweeteners while they are pregnant. Doing so could help them make sure their baby is born at the right time and is healthy when it is born.

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