Ectopic Pregnancy and Fallopian Tube Removal


One of the best ways to treat an ectopic pregnancy is to surgically remove the ectopic growth and the portion of the fallopian tube where it is implanted. For women with internal bleeding, this may be the only treatment option available. Usually, this surgery is conducted through a procedure call laparoscopy, which only requires a small incision.


One of the best things about this type of surgery is that it usually requires only a short recovery period. However, it can also affect the woman’s ability to become pregnant in the future. Since the egg travels through the fallopian tube in order to become fertilized, missing a fallopian tube can make it harder to conceive.

For most women, an egg falls from one tube one month and the other tube the next. Because of this, it could take a woman twice as long to become pregnant as it would with one fallopian tube. However, for the most part, the chances of having a second fallopian tube are not enhanced simply because of a past ectopic pregnancy.

When you are looking to become pregnant after having an ectopic pregnancy, it is always best to take care of your health. Things like smoking can make it more likely that you will have another ectopic pregnancy in the future.

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