How did I get Pregnant with Fraternal twins?


Fraternal twins occur when the body releases two eggs when it is ovulating. After these eggs are released, sperm then fertilized both eggs before they are implanted into the uterine wall. When both eggs develop into a pregnancy, fraternal twins are developed.

There are many reasons that women may become pregnant with fraternal twins. For example, many families tend to have twins in the family. Research shows that women who come from a line of twins will have a better chance of having fraternal twins themselves.

There-are-many-reasons-that-women-may-become-pregnant-with-fraternal-twinsAlso, women who are older or have multiple children are more likely to have twins. Statistics show that larger families have a higher percentage of having twins. Older women also have a better chance of conceiving twins than when they were younger. Women who take fertility drugs or have fertility treatments are also more likely to have twins.

Certain foods, like yams, can also increase a woman’s chances of having fraternal twins. In one part of the world, there are more twins than any other location. After careful research, it was finally determined that the women of this area consumed a type of yam on a regular basis and that it increased their chances of having twins.

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