Pregnancy Problems: High Blood Pressure


High blood pressure during pregnancy is one of the many problems that women can experience. When high blood pressure is noticed after a woman has reached 20 weeks of pregnancy, this is called preeclampsia. It will typically disappear when the woman gives birth.

Although there is no known cause for high blood pressure. However, preeclampsia seems to surface when the placenta doesn’t develop the normal amount of blood vessels, which leads to the placenta not getting the blood flow that it needs.


Preeclampsia can lead to a number of symptoms, but some of the most common are rapid weight gain and sudden swelling, especially of the hands and face. Sometimes women with high blood pressure can develop an extremely bad headache as well as trouble breathing and seeing. Stomach pain and decreased urination is also a possibility.

Since high blood pressure is discovered at a woman’s prenatal appointment, it is important that she attends each appointment. This is the best way to determine if there are any issues that the doctor needs to be aware of.

You should also talk to your doctor if you develop an extremely bad headache or have any stomach pain. Your doctor will most likely decide to run a few tests in order to check for high blood pressure.

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