Pregnant with Twins: Potential Complications


For many women, having twins is preferable. However, if you do find yourself pregnant with twins, you should know that there are some risks involved. Understanding these risks could help you learn how to take care of yourself so you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery and babies after you have given birth. Here are some of the risks you should keep in mind.

Preterm Labor – Delivery

One of the most common issues that women face when they are pregnant with twins is the risk of going into labor early. There are many concerns to consider when this is the case. For starters, your babies could not be developed enough when you do go into labor to survive on their own. This could mean that they need to have special treatment at the hospital to help them develop outside the womb.

Low Birth Weight

Naturally, if you do give birth earlier than you should, you would also have the risk of having low birth weight babies. This issue could follow your baby as they grow older. Children who are born with a low weight have a higher chance of developing illnesses and infections than those who are a healthy weight.

Intrauterine Growth Restriction

This is a condition that occurs when your baby is in the low 10th percentile of its gestational size. This means that the baby is growing at a slower rate than other babies. Women who are pregnant with twins have a higher chance of having babies that fall into this group. Some of the risks associated with this condition are an increased chance of the need for a cesarean, an increased chance of hypoglycemia, and an increased chance of neurological or development disabilities.


Women who are pregnant with twins also have a better chance of developing preeclampsia when they are pregnant. Preeclampsia is a condition that causes the mother’s heart rate and blood pressure to be too high while she is pregnant. Protein is also in the urine of women with this condition. Preeclampsia could cause quite a few negative side effects for the mother. For example, she could experience blurred vision, fatigue and abdomen pain. Preeclampsia could also stop the babies from getting what they need from the mother to be healthy when they are born.

These risks are all ones that women who are pregnant with twins will need to worry about during their pregnancy. However, with proper medical care and by following your doctor’s instructions, you will be able to decrease your chances of these risks and increase your chance of a healthy pregnancy.

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