Are Sore Breasts a Pregnancy Symptom?


Sore breasts can definitely be a pregnancy symptom. Like many other parts of the body, the breasts are growing. The main reason that they are growing is because they are preparing to provide milk to your baby once it is born. This symptom can be a very early sign of pregnancy and can begin surfacing soon after conception takes place.

It is also common to feel a tingling or throbbing sensation as well as itchiness and burning in your breasts. Many women also notice that their breasts change shape, grow in size or begin to feel heavy when they are pregnant as well.

Sore-breasts-can-definitely-be-a-pregnancy-symptomAs the hormones begin to balance back out after pregnancy, the pain in your breast should subside some. However, there are some other items that you can do that will help with the pain that you are feeling. For example, you can find relief by soaking in a warm bath. You should also select comfortable and supportive bras to wear while you are pregnant and consider wearing them at night as well.

There are many different degrees of pain that women may notice in their breasts and all are common. While some may only experience a slight soreness when their breasts are touched, others may be in quite a bit more discomfort than this. For best results, take steps to help relieve discomfort in the breast.

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