Are Stomach Cramps a Pregnancy Symptom?


Typically, stomach cramps are not a common pregnancy symptom. However, there are women who do experience them during pregnancy. Usually, stomach cramps are a sign of another issue that needs to be addressed by the woman’s doctor.

When a woman develops stomach cramps while she is pregnant, it is best to seek medical attention quickly. While some discomforts may be normal, other more serious issues needed to be treated as quickly as possible. A doctor will be able to determine the cause of the stomach cramps so that the woman can continue her pregnancy safely.

Some of the issues that can cause stomach cramps are miscarriage, preterm labor and preeclampsia. In these instances, medical attention is required quickly, especially if bleeding, faintness or lower back pain and pressure is also present.

stomach-cramps-are-not-a-common-pregnancy-symptomOne minor issue that can cause stomach cramps in a pregnant woman is a urinary tract infection. In fact, women who are pregnant are actually more susceptible to urinary tract infections and can also develop kidney infections if they go untreated.

Other issues that may cause stomach cramps are pancreatitis, gallbladder disease and fibroids. In the end, it is crucial for women who are experiencing stomach cramps to visit with their doctor as soon as possible.

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