Pregnancy Symptoms that are Uncommon


There are many symptoms that women experience while they are pregnant. While nausea, heartburn and fatigue are fairly common symptoms, there are some that very few women experience. When pregnant, it is best to learn about all of the possible symptoms so that you can learn what is common and when a doctor’s opinion is necessary.

One symptoms that some women experience while pregnant is constipation. Pregnancy can cause the intestines to work slower, which means that it takes them longer to digest your food. Typically, this will go away without treatment, but there are also things your doctor can provide to you as well.


Some women also experience itching while they are pregnant. Sometimes this is related to an issue with the liver and should be addressed by the doctor. Skin issues like dark spots, skin tags and spider veins are also some fairly uncommon pregnancy symptoms.

Another symptom that a few women experience while they are pregnant is an increase in the production of saliva. This is caused by changes to the hormone levels. This can be eliminated by limiting the amount of starch that you consume on a daily basis and by drinking more water. For any strange symptoms, it is best to talk to your doctor. While there are many symptoms that can appear, some require medical attention.

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