Home Remedies for Children’s Migraine


Although migraines are typically something that we associate with adults, they can also appear in children as well. While they can be painful, there are some ways that they can be treated at home without medical intervention.

When your child is complaining due to a migraine, you should first have them rest in a dark room. Most of the time, resting and sleep will help a migraine to go away better than any other method.

Water-is-the-best-option-for-migraineYou may also want to put a cold cloth or ice pack on your child’s head to help relieve some of the pain as well. It is best to place this directly on the portion of the head that is causing the most pain. Also, remember to avoid using heat because this can make the symptoms worse.

You should also make sure that your child is drinking plenty of fluids and staying away from caffeinated drinks. Water is the best option because it can help the migraine to go away quicker than other drinks. It can also be comforting and helpful to massage the neck and shoulders of the child as well. This may help them to relax and will promote blood flow so that the pain will go away faster.

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