Home Remedies for Jaundice: Cause and Symptoms


Jaundice occurs in response to many different diseases and is categorized as the discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes. The reason for the yellowish tint is because of an increase of bilirubin, which is a chemical, in the blood stream. As with most ailments, there are many different ways that you can treat jaundice at home.

One item that you can consume on a daily basis is the juice that is taken from green radish leaves. This will help to eliminate abdominal discomfort, improve your appetite and help treat jaundice. You can use this treatment for up to 10 days.

Drinking tomato juice every morning can help to heal the liver, which can make recovery from jaundice happen faster. Consuming almonds, dates and cardamoms is also very helpful, as is drinking lemon juice.

jaundice-is-categorized-as-the-discoloration-of-the-skin-and-whites-of-the-eyesOther herbs that can help treat jaundice are snake gourd leaves, barley, turmeric and ginger. Oregano and buttermilk with a bit of cumin seeds powder is also very helpful. These herbs all help to improve the function of the liver so that jaundice can be treated.

It is important that you seek medical attention if you are suffering from jaundice. This way, you will know what the cause of your jaundice is so that can be treated as well.

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