Home Remedies for Toddler Pink Eye


Pink eye is an infection that occurs in the lining of the eyes. It causes the whites of the eyes to turn a shade of pink, but can also change them to red as well. It is possible that your toddler will have a bit of swelling in their eyes and it is also likely that there will be crusty secretions around the eyes as well.

In order to treat pink eye, you should use warm, wet cloths to clean the eyes after sleep. You can also apply warm compresses to the eyes to help with the swelling as well. If the pink eye is related to allergies, you may want to use cold compresses rather than warm ones.

Pink-eye-is-an-infection-that-occurs-in-the-lining-of-the-eyesOne of the most important things that you can do when your toddler has contracted pink eye is to make sure that they are staying clean. You should always make sure that they and others in the household are washing their hands. Encourage your toddler not to touch their eyes because this can spread it from one eye to the other.

Most of the time, pink eye will disappear within a few days. The important thing to remember is that you should wash the linens in the home after it has gone away so that you can keep it from returning in the near future.

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