New Technology Offers Genetics Blueprint Before Conception


One thing that many women wish to experience before they become pregnant is the ability to learn more about the baby they will be conceiving. Unfortunately, this has not been the case before. Instead, women were forced to wait until they were pregnant or even after they had the baby before they were able to learn more about the genetic makeup.

But, there is now a way that women can learn more about the genetic blueprint of their baby before they even conceive. A company called Gene Peeks has created new technology that examines sperm as well as the women who are trying to become pregnant.

How Does it Work?

GenePeeks takes the genetic code from sperm donors and women who are looking to become pregnant. They then examine this information to determine how the two DNAs will interact with one another. They can then determine which combinations are more likely to have an increased risk for complications. There are over 500 genetic conditions and 8,000,000 genetic mutations the company can search for.

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Is it Effective?

Since this is such highly desirable information, fertility experts have weighed in on this process. For the most part, these experts are impressed with the company. In fact, some fertility clinics have already started using their services for their patients.

However, other experts aren’t so impressed. They say that the cost related to the study is not worth the results. In some instances, women are only able to see a slight drop in the chance of a genetic complication. For example, before the study they may have had a 13% chance of having a baby with a particular issue and after the study the chance drops to 10%.

Unfortunately, the testing is rather expensive. In fact, you could expect to pay around $2000 to receive the test results. However, women who are concerned about genetic complications find that this price is reasonable and worth it. Keep in mind that this testing cost is in addition to other costs related to fertility treatments. You will still need to pay for all the other testing as well as the medication and treatment itself.

Gene Peeks is a company that can help women who are using donor eggs or sperm determine which are will create the healthiest baby. Naturally, this is highly desirable and can help women avoid a number of genetic complications. If you are considering these types of fertility treatments, this is definitely something you will want to consider.

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